The Weekly Prayer Project [book review]

When I first signed up to review this book, I thought it was a book. I expected some insightful discussion of prayer and journaling and then a challenge or project to help get readers started. I'll tell you now: this is NOT that. I was disappointed at first, but the more I've sat with it the more I see how The Weekly Prayer Project can be valuable--it's just in a different way than I originally expected.

If you've heard of the 52 Lists project, you've got a good idea what The Weekly Prayer Project is like. It's really a prayer journal rather than a book. Each weekly spread includes a bible verse, a short reflection (??), and two prayer journaling prompts. There is space to write in the book itself, but if you're like me you can write your responses in your journal instead. The book is full of pretty (trendy) plant photography and calligraphy, so it looks attractive sitting out. I think they could have done a lot more with verse illustration or symbols of faith, but I suppose it fits in with what's cool these days.

The questions themselves are good starters for reflection and prayer. There are only two questions per entry, but it's enough to get you going. Sometimes a response requires just a list, sometimes there's a more obvious need for more. Of course, you can be as brief or expansive as you want. My only complaint is that two prompts isn't much for a whole week of writing, unless you're only writing once a week. Despite that, the book is a good resource--especially if you've never done it before, struggle knowing where to begin, or just need something to kickstart you at times.

The Weekly Prayer Project would make a really good gift for confirmation (in an area where confirmation is done at an older age) or for someone just entering the church. It's definitely for adults, but a mature teenager could get some value out of it as well.

I received this book for review purposes, but was not required to write a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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