Lately 7/10/17

Just a few glimpses into our life lately.

+ I signed E up for a couple of classes with a homeschooling co-op just outside of town starting this fall. (When I say "classes," I mean she'll be singing songs, taking nature walks, listening to stories, and making crafts. Simple, little kid fun that will also get her around other kids on a regular basis.) I'm a little nervous about how exactly I'm going to work this around the whole having-a-baby thing, but we'll manage. I am really excited about getting her out and about--she's super shy and I'm a major introvert, and I think having a time she can go be around other kids (and the same kids each week) and get used to it is going to be really helpful for her. Plus, I'll be able to meet some local homeschooling moms, so #winning for both of us.

+ I think I've finally figured out a better way to encourage E to practice her writing/drawing skills. See, she's never liked coloring. Not even a little bit--she flat out refuses to do it or scribbles one line and says she's done. I've tried coloring pages, blank pages, a special journal, coloring books, etc. and she eschews them all. When I asked my mother-in-law (who homeschooled her five kids and has a teaching degree--AKA, knows her way around) about it, she wondered if E isn't simply too left-brained for such "creative" activities. Considering her dad's personality and how much she is like him in other ways, it makes sense. So I switched to bringing out activities with a more specific task or objective: tracing, mazes, things that ask her to draw a line to match, etc. Ding, ding, ding! She loves them. And she's still getting practice holding and manipulating writing tools, which strengthens her little hands. Victory for mom!

+ C and I made major progress on the new nursery last week. Like, I wish I'd taken before and after photos because whoa. The long-term plan is to have the kids share rooms as much as possible, so the "nursery" will really only be baby's temporary room until a big-kid bed will work (we switched E at about 2.5 years, so they'll be in separate rooms for roughly that long). But until then, we need to make it a livable space. It's been used as the shove-everything-with-no-real-home-in-here storage space, and it was a mess. There was also this giant desk in there that took up nearly the whole room and never got used for anything, ever. Just standing in the doorway looking at this room gave me a headache, y'all. But NOW! The desk and most of the junk is gone. The walls have been repainted. The dresser, bookshelf, and crib are set up and arranged in there. There's even some art on one wall and books on the shelf. It's not a "finished" space just yet, but baby could totally deal. I feel like we climbed Everest or something equally epic, because it's such drastic progress. Yay!

+ Speaking of baby things, this pregnancy seems to be progressing normally. I feel like I'm bigger and a little more uncomfortable sooner than I was with E, but I'm guessing that's normal with subsequent babies. The one thing that is pretty different are the dreams: I've been having really vivid, really scary/sad/generally awful dreams every night. This weekend I even woke up sobbing uncontrollably one night--all because of a dream. Not fun. However, seeing as that's currently the worst of it, we're doing well.

+ I have finally jumped on the podcast bandwagon. I've never really liked listening to other people talk--I'd much rather read an article at my own (usually much faster) pace and be done with it. But I've started listening to a few podcast episodes here and there--mostly about homeschooling or family culture-type topics--and I've really enjoyed them. I listen while I'm working on E's dollhouse renovation or a similar task, and it makes the time go by faster. I listen on my laptop rather than my phone, mostly because my phone doesn't have the storage space to download another app (or take a photo, at times). This limits me a little (I'd love to be able to listen while walking on the treadmill, but the laptop doesn't really allow for that), but it makes me grateful to have the laptop in the first place. So now tell me: what podcasts or individual episodes should I look into?


  1. I listen to a lot of podcasts, varying how deep into individual ones I get. I really like Dear Hank and John for a comedy one, Revisionist History for an intellectual one, RadioLab for all sorts of subjects, Young House Love for home design and renovation, and The West Wing Weekly for a time-waster (they go through and watch each episode & discuss it). I'm always on the lookout for more!

  2. I really like the wide array of topics covered by the Art of Manliness in their podcasts. I tried listening to some from Carrots for Michaelmas since I enjoy her blog, but the podcasts appeared to contain a lot of giggling so I didn't get very far. My problem is never really having more than five minutes at a time where I'm doing a quiet chore without the girls and it would be worthwhile to try to start listening to a podcast.