Lately 6/10/17

+ We took E to her first baseball game the other night. I *think* she had fun--sometimes it's hard to tell with her. She says she liked it, anyway. We stayed for the fireworks show after the game, and that part was definitely a toss up. She seemed to think they were pretty, but loud noises aren't her thing and she ended up cuddling me with her eyes shut tight. She's been talking about the fireworks ever since, though, so I think she enjoyed it.

+ I've reached the point of pregnancy where I'm ravenously hungry all. the. time. I suppose I could be excited about the excuse to snack to my heart's content, but it's kindof just annoying. Plus, I'm trying to teach E to eat more at mealtimes and stop constantly asking for snacks, so it's counterproductive for me to be doing it myself. And I can only hide in the bathroom for so long before she comes searching for me. #pregnantladyproblems

+ A bunny got under the garden fence earlier this spring and nibbled at our pea plants. They didn't die, but they were set back several weeks and have just started producing. I'm thrilled that we're finally getting peas, but with the heat I know it's not going to be the kind of harvest we're used to. There's currently a gallon baggie of them sitting in the fridge, but if it doesn't cool down soon that may be it. (Sad.) At least the heat will be beneficial for some of our other warmth-loving veggies!

+ I've been reading Parenting Without Borders by Christine Gross-Loh lately and find the peek into other cultural perspectives on parenting fascinating. I remember feeling the same way about Bringing Up Bebe a while back, and I'm searching for more books on similar topics (especially education in other countries). I checked the library website and am considering The Danish way of parenting: what the happiest people in the world know about raising confident, capable kids and Do parents matter?: why Japanese babies sleep soundly, Mexican siblings don't fight, and American parents should just relax. Other than that, the library doesn't have many options, so if anyone knows of a good book along these lines, I'd love to hear about it!

+ We rearranged the basement last week and added some new-to-us furniture pieces--finally. It doesn't feel "complete," but it's suddenly 10x more usable and I'm thrilled. It's gone from a room we never use to the one I've been spending the most time in. Next up: baby's room.

Time for a snack. ;) #peace

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  1. such a little sweet girl :) love your blog keep going I cant wait to read more xx