Hello Baby

We got to see our little baby first thing last Tuesday morning. I thought for sure we'd be late to the appointment--getting out of the house on time (with a toddler who normally sleeps in, no less) to drive twenty minutes into the heart of town during rush hour? Mission: Impossible. But it turned out just fine. We not only made it out on time, we were a little early. Which was good, because it took us three tries to get off the elevator on the correct floor. #facepalm

Ultrasounds are nuts, guys. My favorite is when baby moves--it's so crazy to see them kicking and rolling and acting like a baby. Our little one was dancing, I swear. The tech (who happens to be the cousin of a girl I went to high school with... small world) got a snap of baby's little feet, but it took her several minutes of trying because baby wouldn't hold still. I wish she'd printed that one out, but I didn't think to ask in the moment.

Of course, the "big moment" of the whole ordeal is finding out the gender. I'm not one who can wait it out and enjoy the surprise at birth--no way, never gonna happen. I have to know. And now I do. (And that's all, at least for now. I'm evil, I know.)

The tech said everything looked good, so we're grateful for that. My progesterone levels have been looking good (I'm on supplements and go to the lab every two weeks for tests right now), and I see our OB next week, too. All in all, we're in a good place right now.

We love you, baby!

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