E is three

This little firecracker made me a mommy. And today, we celebrate her turning three years old! It's amazing how quickly time passes--even as you swear that each day is the longest one yet. Cliche, I know. But true. I've been referring to her as my three-year-old for a few weeks now, because she just seems way beyond two, and it's so weird. It just doesn't feel like she could possibly be three already.

E is the sweetest kid. She's sometimes shy, but when she gets in her groove she's loud and rambunctious and imaginative. She's started to act out short stories with her toys, giving them shrill little voices and everything. She refers to herself as a different Disney princess on any given day, and she isn't happy unless she's wearing a dress or skirt. At the same time, she loves to help Daddy in the garden and get good and dirty. Outside is her favorite place to be.

We're very much experiencing the infamous toddler stubbornness, but I have yet to gain a true horror story. E can be obstinate and argumentative, but she's generally pretty good at following the rules. She has, however, recently started refusing to eat at times, which is super fun. She has decided she now hates broccoli--even though she used to beg for more whenever I served it. I've tried calling them "green trees," but she's not one to be fooled. She's also not big on hamburgers all of a sudden, and I have zero idea why. We're still learning how to navigate these waters, but I'm so grateful for how well behaved she is overall and am keeping my fingers crossed that it continues.

Loud noises are still sometimes an issue for her--she likes to be safely perched on the couch before the vacuum starts up, and big trucks make her nervous. From what I've read, this is a pretty common fear for kids her age. She used to be afraid of balloons and grew out of that, so it's only a matter of time before noises stop bothering her, too.

E's still a champion sleeper at night (though she usually just plays in her room during afternoon nap time). She'll even stay in her bed/bedroom in the morning until I come and get her, even though I've told her it's OK for her to come find me when she wakes up. I wonder if that will stick when baby #2 arrives this fall and we're all up at odd hours.

She loves watching movies, but we notice a significant increase in fit-throwing whenever we let her watch TV, so I avoid it as much as possible. When she does watch, it's usually a 90s Disney movie, the Leapfrog Letter Factory movie, or Veggie Tales. I let her watch Daniel Tiger once, too, but we haven't returned to that just yet.

Other little bits:

+ She responds to everything with either "WHAT?" (it sounds like a parrot squawking) or "I don't know."
+ She still loves books and asks for stories constantly. Her favorites right now are "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" (which she calls the "Mickey Mouse book" because she's clearly confused about who Mickey is) and "The Little Engine That Could."
+ She isn't really into coloring/scribbling. For a while I thought she just didn't like crayons, but she pretty much avoids coloring at all costs on the regular. I've tried a dozen tricks, but she stays resistant.
+ Instead of asking for more of something, she says "I'm still hungry." If she's eating one of her favorite (strawberries or spaghetti, y'all), she'll continue this until you cut her off. No joke--she once ate five full plates of spaghetti in one sitting and was still asking for more. #littlepiglet

So here's to three years old--Happy birthday, Monkey!

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  1. Happy happy birthday to your sweet little gal! So much of what you wrote about her reminds me of my son at that age -- especially the eating thing which we still go through today. Some days he isn't all that hungry, but others he doesn't stop eating! Where do they put it all?! Ha ha!