Prayer for these hearts

Dear God,

Some days it feels like the whole world is about to come apart at the seams. The anger and vitriol that spills out around us is shocking, to say the least. Every day there's something new in the news, something angrier posted on social media, and a feeling of wider and deeper separation between factions.

God, we need your peace and healing now more than ever. We need you to show up in big ways--not necessarily for a big event, but for big changes in our hearts.

Remind us that we are not ultimately in control--you are. You hold all of our days and will direct them according to (your) plan.

Remind us that love and compassion should be given freely to all people--refugee, immigrant, democrat, republican, rich, poor, uninformed, know-it-all, heartbroken, and angry. Everyone is created in your image and deserves to be treated with the dignity befitting such a position. May we also act with prudence and big-picture awareness.

+ Help us not to jump to the worst possible conclusion when changes or new actions are announced. May we be willing to think the best of people, to give them a chance, and to look at both sides of the issues. May we refrain from overreacting and avoid feeding the hysteria so often present in the world.

+ May we consider carefully the impact our words have on others. May we avoid labeling and generalizing--no matter how often it's been done before. May we take responsibility for ourselves, our words, our actions here and now instead of pointing to the past to justify ourselves or to others we feel are doing "worse" than us. We want to be part of solutions, not problems. May we recognize the ways we contribute to problems and the changes we could make to implement solutions, instead.

+ Fill our hearts with compassion, patience, and a willingness to listen. Soften our hearts and bring them in line with your character. May we reflect your love to the world around us, not our own agenda.

Be present in our days, Lord, and guide our steps. May we allow you to love through us so that you may be glorified.


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