What I never want to forget

The way the ends of your hair curl like crazy in the back.

The weight of your head on my shoulder.

The way you say “mommy” when you’re wondering where I’ve gone.

The sound of your giggles and squeals when I tickle you.

The way you hold out your arms and tilt your face up when you want to be held.

How your little hand feels wrapped tightly around my fingers.

The quiver of your bottom lip when your eyes fill with tears because you can’t have toys or more rocking cuddles at bedtime.

The way you hold your Coon in a headlock every night, rubbing his stuffed arm across your cheek.

The waddle in your toddler walk.

How you say “run run run!” when you want to go fast.

The color of strawberry juice running down your chin.
The slobber in your kisses.

How you love to be tipped upside down in my arms, asking “‘gain? ‘gain?” over and over.

The way you flex your whole hand when I tell you to wiggle your fingers.

How you move in your high chair yelling “wiggle wiggle!”

The way you dance when the Gilmore Girls theme song comes on–mamma’s girl through and through.

The circuit you make when bringing me a cup of pretend tea, then taking it away to refill it again and again.

The softness of your skin and hair.

That one dimple.

I love you, baby girl.

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