Lately I...

Lately I find myself drawn to images more than words. I grab paints more often than a pen, I look at photos more than books, and I seem to be thinking in pictures. It’s strange for me, a forever word girl, but I can’t say I don’t like it.

Lately I’ve been craving an extra cup of coffee in the afternoons, and I’ve just gone ahead and had one. Life’s too short not to enjoy another cup.

Lately I’ve been pushing myself and my little family to DO more. We’ve gone to the zoo several times and we spent Mother’s Day watching the Navy’s Blue Angels fly their fighter jets above our heads (and it was way cooler than it sounded like it would be). I want my family to have adventures together, however small they may sometimes be.
Lately I’ve been daydreaming about the mountains. We’re going this fall after a three-year hiatus, and I’m so impatient I can hardly sit still. I have dreams about looking down on a valley of pine trees, and every time I sip a cup of coffee I think about drinking it on a cabin’s front porch.

Lately I’ve been looking forward to summer for possibly the first time in my life. I’ve never been a summer girl–I don’t like to be hot and sweaty. But summer means fresh garden produce, concerts in the park, and flowers. I can get behind that.

Lately I’ve found it easier to walk out of a store empty-handed. In fact, I’ve found it easier to skip going into the store in the first place.

Lately I’ve wanted to talk less and listen more. I’ve been quiet and slow to process things. Maybe I’m finally learning patience? (ha.)

Lately I’ve wanted more photo albums and fewer manifestos.

Lately I’ve been just here, quiet and small. And I’ve loved that.

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