Why we should love Mondays

It was quiet in the house, and just a little chilly. Little Rabbit had just gone down for her daily crib choir rehearsal nap, a load of laundry was tumbling in the dryer, and my electric blanket was warm and cozy. I picked up the book C had brought home from Mass the night before–Matthew Kelly’s Rediscover Jesus–and started to read. In the very first chapter, I read this:

“I love Mondays, because each Monday is a new beginning–a fresh start! God gives us Mondays, and New Year’s Day, and birthdays, and every single one represents a new blessing and a new beginning.”

Ahhh, yes. I don’t know about you, but I need new starts fairly often. Without a fresh beginning–something to get excited about, an opportunity to cast off my past failures and shortcomings–I tend to get bogged down in the monotony, disappointment, and general battering of the world on my soul. It’s not easy to live this life, friends.

God knows we need these new starts. He knows what it does for the soul to have the chance to begin again. And so he blesses us with them sprinkled throughout our lives.

We embrace some of these restarts–New Year’s and our birthdays are occasions to be celebrated. But Mondays? Not so much. We dread Mondays. We complain about them bitterly. We wish away their existence.

How ungrateful we are!

Monday is not an enemy. It may be harder than we’d like to return to routine after the freedom of the weekend, but we should rejoice at the opportunity to walk with Jesus in a new way. Every Monday, we get the chance to open ourselves up to the voice of God and pour out love. We get to rediscover our role in God’s plan, to be used in a new way to show his love to the rest of the world. Rather than a prison sentence, Monday is a beginning that sets you free–free from whatever happened last week or last month or last year. Free from whatever has held you back before. Free from whatever it is you think makes you not good enough. Monday is an opportunity. And when opportunity knocks, we should throw the door open wide.

How can you take advantage of your fresh start this Monday?

Sit down right now and pray. Even if you haven’t prayed in months–or even if you prayed just an hour ago–pray now. Pray for the grace to keep your heart and mind open to whatever it is God wants to do in your life today, this week.

Start a new spiritual practice. Buy yourself a devotional (or read the daily devotionals at Blessed is She). Start a prayer journal. Set alarms on your phone to remind yourself to pray throughout the day. Incorporate something new in your life that challenges you to grow and run after Jesus.

Make a list–write down all the things you feel called to do or wish you were brave enough to do. Pray over that list and decide one step you can take this week to move closer to a new reality.

Remove something from your week. If you’re too busy and overwhelmed, Jesus gets crowded out of your day and your heart. So use this new start to remove something from your list and make more room for Jesus.

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