Dear you

Dear you,

You want your life to matter—you want to do something that matters. You want a sense of purpose and fulfillment. You want God to use you. To see you and want you and send you. But right now you’re just waiting for the call. Your head says He sees you, loves you, has a plan. But your heart wonders. Does He really? Will he call me? What if I miss it? Have I missed it already?

I hear you. I am right there, sitting next to you, waiting. And I have to tell you a story—a story about my friend who is called, is responding, is diving in to be used. She’s one of those people that sets off that small spark of jealousy inside your heart—the person who is so good, so lovely, so warm, you wish you could be her.

She’s been asked to lead a new project that will give shelter and love and skills to girls who desperately need it. She’ll be right in the thick of things, doling out love and compassion on the daily. And she’s thrilled. I’m thrilled. There is no person in the world better suited for this than her. It’s one of those things you just know she was made for, it for her. And you lean forward, scoot to the edge of your seat and hold your breath, waiting to see what incredible things God will do through this, through her.

But you have to know how she’s waited for this. It’s been a few years of waiting. Of watching others get underway, but standing still herself. Of going back to school, I think because she just didn’t know what else to do. Because she ran into dead ends where she thought she’d find direction. Because she wasn’t told to move, not yet. Be still.

She sat here with us, too.

But now… Now, the dance begins. He said move, go, now, jump. And she did. She was ready. The world was ready. It was time, and she jumped. And now here we are, on the edge of our seat, watching wonderful unfold.

It’s always easier to appreciate the waiting when it’s over. In the midst of it, there’s usually more frustration than peace, more questions than confidence. I feel it, too. And I’d like to think it’s OK. It will be OK. Keep pushing. Keep praying and asking. Keep your eyes and heart open, and keep close to him. That frustration, those questions—if your pursue them, if you take them to him and lay them on the table, he will meet you there. Ask for the grace to be patient, for whatever answers he will give you. Ask him to be near in the waiting. Just keep coming back to him. Because one day, he’ll call you. And you’ll want to hear him, to be ready to jump. Ready to dance.

She was, and now look. Look what happens when you stay in the waiting.

Waiting with you,


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