Why family photos are worth the money

C hates taking photos. He hates it even more when we have to pay to get them taken. But every once in a while, I insist. We’ll only be where we are in life once (and Little Rabbit will only be this tiny once—gotta get her while she can’t run away!), and I love having photographs to look back on as the years progress.

When my grandma passed away this fall, our family spent some time sitting around the kitchen table and flipping through old photo albums. It was a blast, and I’m so glad my grandma had those pictures (Her wedding photos were my favorite—she was so beautiful!). I keep that in mind every time I make the decision to hire a photographer—these images aren’t just for me in the here and now, but for my family in the future as well. Someday we’ll sit around together, looking through my albums. And that time, that shared experience, is what makes these photos (and all the others like them that will come over time) worth every penny.

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