E: three months

// She has yet to get sick, despite having been in daycare for over a month and having been around me and C when we both got sick. Knock on wood.

// She’s figuring out her hands—she holds them in front of her face and stares a lot. She also grabs for things all the time and tries to put them in her mouth. Sometimes it works, sometimes it really doesn’t.

// She does this wacky thing where she lifts one leg straight up in the air and waves it back and forth. Always the right leg and always some pretty wild waving. What a goof. She also likes to sit in her bouncy seat and kick that one leg over and over again.

// She’s finally figured out how to roll over from her back to her tummy (over her left shoulder, every time), but she can’t figure out how to go back the other way.

// She’s really got that cooing thing down. She gets extra chatty in the evenings, and it’s hilarious to listen to her.

// Her head control is pretty stellar. She rarely headbutts me anymore.
// She occasionally rolls over in her sleep—usually right after we put her down at night or right before we get her up in the morning. We need to wean her off being swaddled to sleep, but C and I both really like that it keeps her asleep all night. (Duh, right? Any tips from you moms out there?)

// She really likes her crackly monkey toy (my mom calls it her “monkey boy”). That and her soft giraffe rattle will usually keep her happy, but the monkey does it best. She also digs the jingle bug that hangs from her play mat—she’ll grab that and stick the bug’s butt in her mouth. (And yes, it’s hilarious.)

// She loves being held up high and will cry if you sit down or (heaven forbid!) set her down. I’m talking quivering lower lip and big, fat tears. What a little drama queen.

// She has this set of bug toys that hang off the handle of her car seat. Every time we put her in it, she stares at them like they’ve done something wrong. C jokes that they’re all in on some evil plot and she’s the only one who smells trouble.

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