A season for all things

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

The other day, E asked me to play with her--which, in that particular moment, meant bouncing a big rubber ball back and forth in the kitchen. There were a thousand things I would rather have done just then--the baby had just gone down for a nap and I knew the minutes would be short--but I sat down (reluctantly) and waited for the ball to come to me. While I waited, I glanced up and read the verse from Ecclesiastes written on the chalkboard on the wall.

There is a season for everything. I reminded myself that that means that there are things that are not "in season" right now (like doing what I wanted to do instead of what the toddler insisted we do), and that's OK. It means there is a season for nursing babies and entertaining toddlers, and that might not be the season to pursue a new hobby or build a business. Sometimes it's easy to see that. And maybe it's easy to accept it, or maybe it stings a little when we realize we can't pursue the things we would like.

But as I bounced the ball back to my sweet three-year-old, I realized something. No, this might not be the season for me to learn a new skill or take on a big project. But it IS a season for playing silly games and staging tickle fights and singing goofy songs. Now is the season for playing with my little ones, for forging deep connections and living life with them while they'll still let me. And those future seasons, the ones I foresee being full of all the things on my personal agenda? Well, they won't be full of these moments. This season will pass. And once it's gone, it's gone.

Not following me? It's a shift in perspective that's pretty subtle, so let me say it another way.

Embracing the current season doesn't necessarily mean just putting up with its trials, though that's often how we view it when we hear this verse. That's what comes to mind for me, anyway. But embracing our season also means living out the good possibilities to their fullest, because they might not be possible later. It's the difference between have to and get to. It means recognizing and seizing the opportunities we have to make this season beautiful, right now. For everything there is a season--don't miss your chance.

For playing Hi Ho Cherry-O and Candyland, there is a season. Don't miss it.
For brushing her hair and painting her nails, there is a season. Don't miss it.
For listening to her sing and watching her dance without a stitch of self-consciousness, there is a season. Don't miss it.
For being with her all day and having her love every minute, there is a season. Don't miss it.
For hearing every detail about what fascinates her, there is a season. Don't miss it.

Because if you miss it, you'll miss it. You'll wish you could rewind time and go back to those "good old days"--but it doesn't work like that. Embrace this season, because seasons change.


Zoey: 2 months

+ Stats (my own DIY-at-home measurements)
          Weight: 12.8 pounds
          Length: 24 inches
          Head: 16 inches

+ We're getting into a nice eat-play-nap routine during the day. The nap portion is often way too short, though--and she wakes up angry, so there's no chance of getting her to go back to sleep. Tips, anyone? I'm considering trying out a Love To Dream Swaddle Up to see if having her hands more accessible helps--but that's a lot of money for one swaddle blanket. We currently use a SwaddleMe, but that keeps her arms strapped to her sides, and I wonder if that's what is ticking her off. Does anyone have experience with the LTD? Other recommendations?

+ She sleeps. through. the. night. Praise Jesus.


Welcome 2018

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I love that the new year starts right in the middle of the Christmas season. Fresh starts, new goals, a clean slate. Diving into a new year is like taking that first deep breath of fresh air after a long car ride. Call me a sap, an idealist, or a dreamer, but it's the best.


Lately 12/21/17

+ E is obsessed with The Nutcracker. We read an adaptation by Susan Jeffers (lovely illustrations, but the text isn't great) and then watched a performance of the ballet on Youtube. Ever since, she's been pretending to be Marie. She dances around the kitchen wearing scarves (which are apparently her ballerina dresses--she demands that I say "ooo!" when she puts on the sparkly one), and she carries this giraffe baby toy around as her nutcracker. Hilarious.


Zoey: 1 month

I know there've been a lot of Zoey posts lately, but buckle up for another one. Zoey Bird is officially a whole month old!

Weight: 11 pounds (This can't possibly be right, can it? I think my scale is off.)
Height: 22.25 inches
(These are both my own measurements, not the doctor's, so take their accuracy with a huge grain of salt.)