Zoey: 5 months

Weight: 15.6 lbs
Length: 26 inches


Lately 3/28/18

+ Reading everything about Charlotte Mason that I can get my hands on. The more I read about her ideas, the more sense it all makes and the more I feel an inner peace about following her recommendations. It just clicks, y'all. It's not, maybe, as simple to understand as some other homeschooling methods (probably because it's so much more than just a homeschooling method), but it's worth the extra work it takes to gather the full picture. If you're a homeschooler (or want to be in the future), I highly recommend looking into her ideas.


Easter books for the girls

Have you gathered the goodies for your kids' Easter baskets yet? You've got one week, people. One. Week.

Because I always do, I snagged some books for the girls' Easter baskets. I selected them without the opportunity to flip through them first, so it didn't work out like I'd hoped. Here's hoping the rest of my basket shopping goes a little better.


Zoey: 4 months


Reading Lately: Family Edition

C: Personal Finance for Dummies
This is the third finance-related "Dummies" book C has read since after Christmas--all, I believe, by the same author. He likes the guy's sense of humor and gets nerdy for the topic. He does say, repeatedly, that the author comes across as pretty arrogant, but it doesn't seem to bother him because he keeps reading his stuff. When I asked him what he's gotten out of this one so far, he said it was a decent introduction to basic personal finance, but he learned more from the author's book on mutual funds.