Zoey: 4 months


Reading Lately: Family Edition

C: Personal Finance for Dummies
This is the third finance-related "Dummies" book C has read since after Christmas--all, I believe, by the same author. He likes the guy's sense of humor and gets nerdy for the topic. He does say, repeatedly, that the author comes across as pretty arrogant, but it doesn't seem to bother him because he keeps reading his stuff. When I asked him what he's gotten out of this one so far, he said it was a decent introduction to basic personal finance, but he learned more from the author's book on mutual funds.

Zoey: 3 months

+ Zoey has become a much better napper over the last month. She's even started to occasionally stretch one of her naps longer than the others--I'm hoping that's a sign that we'll have some success when it's time to move to two naps a day down the road. However, she is really fighting our SwaddleMe swaddle--she cries while being swaddled and doesn't stop until she's got her pacifier and is starting to drift off. She escapes the swaddle, too, and sometimes wakes up super early in the morning because both arms are waving around like it's party time. But if she has her hands out to start, it's a total disaster. It seems like it's just a lose-lose situation for the time being.


A book for the history buff in your life

C and I are very different people. He is logical and detail-oriented, while I'm more emotional and like considering the bigger picture. He doesn't like to spend money, while I love to shop. He would eat pasta at every meal, but I don't want it too often. He wears socks and undershirts with giant holes in them, and I replace things long before they get to that level of worn out. We often ask each other "How did we end up married?!" The struggle is real.

There are a couple of things we share, though: an appreciation for cheese, particularly smoked gouda; a preference for staying home for fun rather than going out (though I'll break that for a shopping trip); a tendency not to drink very often; and a love of reading.

We read different things, but we both really love books. So much so that our Valentine's Day tradition is to go to a bookstore and buy each other a new read. Books are a bridge for us. So I thought it would be fun to bring C in to review one of HIS recent reads. You hear from me all the time, but what about a book for the men in your life? Well, if your guys like WW2 history, C has a book they may be interested in.


Hello Mornings [book review]

I *almost* didn't bother with this book. I read the title and the description and thought That's nice, but I'm not really that interested. I have a pretty good morning routine already, so what do I need with a whole book about improving my mornings? A few weeks later, I was ready for a new book and not super excited about anything in my current to-be-read stack. I saw the Hello Mornings title again, shrugged, and went for it.

It happens to me quite often: these "impulse decisions" turn out to be the best ones. (God totally orchestrates that, y'all.) Same story here. Hello Mornings (by Kat Lee) is excellent, and the content can be applied to so much more than just a morning routine.

I've already discussed my 2018 goals to some degree, and I'm feeling pretty good about them. But Hello Mornings gave me a good boost of motivation, some clarity about exactly what I'm after, and a few tools to use this year that are going to be super helpful.