Baby gear: little sister

Three months until baby arrives! My to-do list is eight hundred miles long, y'all. I've resigned myself to the fact that it's not all going to get done in time, but I'm still chipping away as much as I can. I've spent what feels like an eternity washing, folding, and putting away clothes and unpacking baby gear. It's still a little all over the place, but I make progress little by little.


Our favorite books to help teach little people big stuff

Our Father, Ignatius Press 
We have this particular book, and there's also a Hail Mary version. It's simply the text of the prayers paired with beautiful illustrations (that E is fascinated by). I like that the words of the prayer are allowed to stand on their own, and it's a great way to familiarize a child with these beautiful prayers. I'll be sticking our Our Father book in our morning basket this fall so we can practice and E can memorize it, and I'm hoping to get my hands on a copy of the Hail Mary book in the near future.

Life of a Saint series
We have two of these books so far--Bernadette and Francis of Assisi. They are WONDERFUL. The story is told in "chapters" that are very short and easy to understand. I love, love, love these for sharing the lives of the saints with E, and I very much hope that Ignatius publishes more in the near future (the collection in this particular series is relatively small).


Lately 7/10/17

Just a few glimpses into our life lately.

+ I signed E up for a couple of classes with a homeschooling co-op just outside of town starting this fall. (When I say "classes," I mean she'll be singing songs, taking nature walks, listening to stories, and making crafts. Simple, little kid fun that will also get her around other kids on a regular basis.) I'm a little nervous about how exactly I'm going to work this around the whole having-a-baby thing, but we'll manage. I am really excited about getting her out and about--she's super shy and I'm a major introvert, and I think having a time she can go be around other kids (and the same kids each week) and get used to it is going to be really helpful for her. Plus, I'll be able to meet some local homeschooling moms, so #winning for both of us.

+ I think I've finally figured out a better way to encourage E to practice her writing/drawing skills. See, she's never liked coloring. Not even a little bit--she flat out refuses to do it or scribbles one line and says she's done. I've tried coloring pages, blank pages, a special journal, coloring books, etc. and she eschews them all. When I asked my mother-in-law (who homeschooled her five kids and has a teaching degree--AKA, knows her way around) about it, she wondered if E isn't simply too left-brained for such "creative" activities. Considering her dad's personality and how much she is like him in other ways, it makes sense. So I switched to bringing out activities with a more specific task or objective: tracing, mazes, things that ask her to draw a line to match, etc. Ding, ding, ding! She loves them. And she's still getting practice holding and manipulating writing tools, which strengthens her little hands. Victory for mom!


The Weekly Prayer Project [book review]

When I first signed up to review this book, I thought it was a book. I expected some insightful discussion of prayer and journaling and then a challenge or project to help get readers started. I'll tell you now: this is NOT that. I was disappointed at first, but the more I've sat with it the more I see how The Weekly Prayer Project can be valuable--it's just in a different way than I originally expected.


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