Zoey: 1 month

I know there've been a lot of Zoey posts lately, but buckle up for another one. Zoey Bird is officially a whole month old!

Weight: 11 pounds (This can't possibly be right, can it? I think my scale is off.)
Height: 22.25 inches
(These are both my own measurements, not the doctor's, so take their accuracy with a huge grain of salt.)


Zoey's birth story

Little Zoey was born on a Thursday night--all souls day, actually. I had hoped we could wait one more day--November 3rd last year was the day we buried Ruthie and Judah, and I saw something beautiful in having her birthday be a sort of redemption of that day for us. But doc couldn't make the 3rd work, so we were scheduled for the 2nd. She was overdue (as I knew she would be) and she took her sweet time coming. We went in for induction around noon--the doctor broke my water at about one, and I expected things to take off pretty quickly from there like they had with her older sister, who also had to be evicted. But Zoey seemed to want to prove right away that she's going to do things her own way.


Our first two weeks with Zoey Claire

Well, we've officially survived two weeks as a family of four. I still feel like we're in survival mode, and things aren't really "settled" yet. I also haven't braved any sort of outing by myself with both kids--that thought still strikes fear in my heart. BUT, I can already tell that the second time around the baby block is way easier than the first in many ways. And it's funny how much I find myself thinking back to when E was a baby and noting all the things that are surprisingly different or exactly the same this time.


Meet Zoey

She's here! Our sweet little Zoey bird was born on November 2nd. Her labor wasn't quite as cut and dry as her sister's--there was pitocin involved and an epidural that the anesthesiologist forgot to actually hook up (I wish I was kidding)... but she's here. And she's lovely and so, so very loved. 


Be the Gift [book review]

I don't know what it is about Ann Voskamp, but I find myself both drawn in and repelled by anything she writes. It's got to be her writing style--there are times it doesn't make any sense to me at all, and I get all eye roll-ey. And then there are times when the way she writes strikes me as beautiful and poetic and I get all swoon-ey for it. It's a love-hate relationship, pretty literally.

Be the Gift is Ann Voskamp's newest contribution to the world of printed media. It's sortof a weird book, to be honest. It looks and feels like a gift-able book. It's a small hardcover book with lovely photography and the title scripted in gold. But the subject matter--about using your own personal brokenness to bless others--seems like an odd thing to be giving as a gift. I mean, if I know someone who is going through a tough time, it feels a little pretentious to give them a book that tells them to put their struggles to work, ya know? But if it's a close friend who will understand your heart, it could work.